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Behaviour or money?

I think this was discussed a bit some time ago but didn't come to anything very clear.
I'm replaying this great game and I notice there are certain comments that suggest, in one side, that the important thing to have a good travel package is being buried with a lot of money (Manny says that to Celso at the beggining, the manual explains this old custom, Celso mentioning his wife has his money...), and in the other side, that the important thing is being good in life (Eva says that, Manny is surprised because Meche hasn't a good travel package and she was good in life...).

I think the game is clearly trying to show the important thing is the behaviour, but there are certain comments that make me doubt... well, I guess that Manny saying that to Celso at the beggining could be just a figurative way of speaking, and Celso saying his wife has all his money (I never understood that comment) could be just one of his jokes, but what do you think about it? which one is the important thing?
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