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And maybe we should consider another thing: people being buried with money? That's the costum the game is based in, okay, but then we have to assume that in the world of Grim Fandango (I mean the world of the living) everyone is buried with money like the mayas? (I think it was them).
I think I'm more inclined to the good behaviour only (I think the "message" of the game would be much better), although that combination of them both King Dando made is VERY interesting.
It could be something like this too: if you are extremely good (like Meche) you have your Double N ticket, no matter how poor you were. If you don't qualify for the Double N, the money becomes important.
But in any case, Eva's explanation is very precise: "They deserve better travel packages because they led better lifes".

And about the tickets, I think that even if they would have been real tickets they couldn't have passed. The Gate Keeper says "A Double N ticket is something that can't be bought" (or something like that), if a real ticket was enough even if it's not yours... Hector probably shouldn't have collected so much, as Manny says, "in a desperate attempt to get out of the Land of the Dead". I think he knew he couldn't use someone else's ticket, and he had been a very bad person in the Land of the Dead in addition... who knows, maybe so many tickets would have done the trick.

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