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Originally Posted by Topsite
While I'm looking foward to the Star Wars TV series, I just hope it isn't wrecked or incomplete, like TSL was, which will annoy some fans. If Lucas can do the series alright, then I have a good feeling that the series will be good.
Totally different scenario. Lucas can take whatever time he likes to make the series. He's top dog, and nobody's going to tell him when or how to finish.

That's quite different from Obsidian, who had a solid plot for TSL, but were contracted to make it into a game by Lucasarts, who demanded they finish it in less than a year and then decided to cut two months off that schedule.

Thankfully those two don't compare at all. That said, I don't think Lucas' prequel trilogy has been as good as the original (though I consider RotS to be better than RotJ). So somehow, I've got a bad feeling about the new show...

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