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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Zargon, .. welcome to the - tum tum tuuummmm!!!! - female reality.

I might add that you're in no way allowed to behave the same way in a exact vice versa situation, nor is there any chance of making her actually understand that it is.

On the other hand why is it the ex-bf? Did she dig on you or something?
yeah, the female reality is so far skewed sometimes its scary. Shes mostly over it now........but prolly never really will be.

She and her quit talking when the friend moved in with a girl my gf hates. They both quit really trying to hang out and instead of ever doing something about it all my gf did was complain and get mad.

Shes sorta over it now because DUM DUM DUM...

the girl called her last night and asked her to be a bridesmaid.

She thinks I should have said "I need to think about it"

and seems to think my buddy would just be like "ok" and not ask why, and thinks if he did I should just lie about it to cover her ass while making myself look bad.....

thanks dear

Originally Posted by edlib
Actually,.. I just meant that he always has us as an organ-replacement farm, as well as a back-up food source to feed his family. Y'know... if times get rough.
Hey! I know where we stand...

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