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Canderous was going to use him to break into the Sith base before getting Revan to. Apart from that he doesn't do much except for some humurous scenes with HK and on Tattoine. In Sith Lords however he's absolutely vital. First he saves the Ebon Hawk and the Exile's ass. On Peragus he does so again, helping her escape. On Telos he steals information from Atris that has the Exile search for the Jedi. On Nar Shaddar even if he is sold he returns from Vogga the Hutt with the ID signatures needed to be hunted down by Goto, allowing the Exile to be rescued. He's the one who locks out the navicomputer so Revan can't be found, and takes out HK when threatened about it. Bastila (if Revan was male, otherwise Carth) has him go with Revan to find out where he's going, and then return to find him, or if not him others tied to Revan, leading him to the Exile. And sure he doesn't have rocket boosters built onto him but for whatever reason I find him more appealing.
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