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Sooo...(Caution: Rant about PCs)

Tried to clean my hard disk on Sunday, my good deed for my PC, and how does it repay me? Boot failure, hard disk totally buggered, like, the PC wouldn't even recognize that there was a disk there...Went into BIOS, tries to boot from CD but still no sign of the Drive when I said I wanted to repair Windows...

Got a spare one from my fiancée's dad today (meaning: re-installed everything aaargh!), and tried to set the old one as Slave, still no answer...

Word of warning, do not, ever, use a program called Diskeeper (defrag utility), it was the only thing working when our Drive died, so it's a big no no!

I don't understand how it messed up our disk so badly that it won't even be recognized anymore...

PCs, love them when they work, kick them when they don't...I guess I'm a bit on edge cause I'm waiting to hear back from an interview, they like to make people sweat me thinks.

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