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Katherine sighed. She decided, too, that she would join Strider. She entered the docking room in which the Ragnarok was stored, where she found him meditating.

Strider opened his eyes and looked at Katherine.

"You know my decision," she spoke softly. Strider nodded and smiled in response. He was glad to know that she had decided to take a chance with his beliefs. He only now awaited the decisions of the others. He did not have to wait long. Soon, Riebe and Jahara entered, and confirmed their support for his plan.

"We should head for Ossus. But before we do, I have a gift."

Several large doors suddenly opened, revealing new starships for each of the Sith Hunters, each one custom modelled for each Hunter.

"They're all crafted with similar abilities as my own Ragnarok. I thought it was time we had our own fighters, rather than depend on me for transportation," he said with a grin. "Well make yourselves at home in them and get ready, we have an appointment on Ossus to make," he said.

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