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Problems with 1.02?

Hey everybody, im not sure if this is a common problem or whether there is a simple fix but here is my problem.

I have had a 1998 version of a Dell Dimesion Desktop up until about 2 years ago, When i upgraded to a new one for more competitive gaming.

i LOVED JKO with all my heart, by far one of if not THE most fun game i have ever played online, so after being out of gaming for awhile i decide to re-install this precious jewel on my new PC only to find that... I CANT PLAY THE GOOD VERSION!! it seems it will only let me play 1.04 and it makes me patch to it. there has to be 1.02 servers left ? my heart will truly be broken if i cannot play 1.02a again.

has anybody encountered this issue or have a solution to my problem? any help much appreciated

sorry to be more clear, when i go to launch multiplayer the console just crashes and i get an error and the game will not launch.
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