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Religion is delusion. Theistic beliefs are delusional beliefs.

People may have the right to hold such beliefs, but we don't have any moral responsibility to encourage them. And in fact, we have a moral responsibility to point out delusions wherever we find them. By encouraging reason, logic and critical thought worldwide, we would indirectly be decreasing the strangle-hold of delusional religion on the peoples of the world. But is that forcing religious folk to discard their beliefs? No. No use of force involved, physical, legal or otherwise. Furthermore holding a theistic belief is totally counter to logic, so frankly no amount of logic would EVER be able to remove that belief if the person in question didn't WANT it removed.

Those who fear the truth constantly wheel out the old fallacy that logic is EVIL because it FORCES people to discard their faith. But of course this is nonsense. Remember, we have a moral responsibility to speak the truth in all walks of life.

And we must choose: Try to make sense of the world and ourselves... or choose to believe in fairies, Santa Claus and gods.

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