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I can understand, and even agree with, that there are many sections of religion that are very much in conflict with the world. For example homosexuality, do we kill all those who are gay? Then what, do we put to death those who murdered those people? Stem cell research, do we not allow that because of religion? For me both of those are wrong. And aside from that there are things, maybe worse things, that we do that threaten the sancity of our souls, and I admit to being guilty of this myself. Watching the video there's something else I have to say about modorate religion that I think was left out: modorate religion goes against what is said in scripture, in that everything that it says in there, to put to death all the nonbelievers, is how believers should be. However I think the question has to be asked whether or not there is action taken against religion and not only do we not allow freedom of speech by doing so we reap the bloody whirlwind that would come from taking action against people who have a right to religion, especially from those who are fundamentalist violent cases, or do we allow religion and work against the extreme cases who would commit acts such as bombing abortion clinics, hijacking planes and flying them into buildings, because their religion says that is what they have to do in order to be true believers? What percentage of religious folk would even contemplate such an act? What percentage have the common sense to be modorate?
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