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I really feel as though you're still missing the point. The crisis that you're not recognizing is that the majority vote sits firmly with a bunch of people that base their beliefs off of what they think their shared imaginary friend wants. Go back to the Sam Harris video and listen to the part where he talks about the refrigerator-sized diamond in his back yard. Bush has the ability to kick-off a nuclear war any time he wants and believes that an invisible man in the sky talks to him. Doesn't this scare you even a little bit?

People can have dreams, hope, purpose, etc without religion. Religion isn't the sole source of these things and several profound arguments can be made for why religion is a terrible source.

Your continued use of the Russia strawman is not moving the dialog forward. Several people have pointed out several times that the objective is not to implement a fascist regime that has no tolerance for other people's beliefs. Bush has cornered that market anyway

So please, please, please leave this train of though alone. Nancy = 7, Strawman = 0. I promise.
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