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Okay, it's left alone. In terms of Bush saying that he's gone to war because God told him to, well sorry but that's a retarded thing for him to say. Maybe he did, I dunno, but this indicates maybe some type of religious fanaticism or at the very least outright stupidity in using his religion to justify going to war. I mean ****'s sake isn't that what we condemn Islam of, going to war because of their religious beliefs? Whether or not he scares me, excuse the digression here, one thing I will always remember was the idea was brought up immediately after September 11 to nuke Afghanistan, or whoever orchastrated the attack. I'm not sure if it was Bush himself who shot the idea down but he could have and he didn't. Just the same his continued support for waging war on Iraq, wanting to go to war with Iran, not doing anything about North Korea, I will say this: in the 2004 elections John Kerry lost the elections. Bush didn't win it, Kerry lost it. In my opinion on the heels of Iraq Bush shouldn't have won it but he did, God help the world, and perhaps the Democrats can make something of the situation now that they're in power, they haven't pulled the troops out and part of me is glad they didn't leave the Iraqis to die, and whoever they do put in (after Bush I'm hoping for Barack Obama) I think we will be glad to have them over Bush.

Getting back to the video, I forgot to mention about the use of condoms being a consider a sin. What? Well I supposed it says you're not allowed to have sex outside of marriage, and that presents another problem in that all these young unprepared couples are marrying as soon as they're allowed to so they can have sex. In either case it's an issue that needs to be addressed. But getting around, finally, to you asking about the refrigerator-sized diamond, a large part of religion does have to do with faith. But I think there's a lot more to it than simply saying that they believe it.
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