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My familiarity with Evangelical Christians is, what? It details the story of God creating the world, Adam and Eve, Noah and the Ark, Abraham being led to believe in God (by proving his faith by sacrificing his son, no less), Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt, then being presented the Ten Commandments and carrying them in the Ark as they search for their land. Stories such as the battle of Jericho and David and Goliath would be in there somewhere, I think Jericho is right after Moses, and God casts judgement on the wicked. That's about as far as the Jewish believe I think. Then there's Jesus' life, death and resurrection, his apotles teaching his word and new churches being formed, then finally Revelations, it being God returning and the end of the world. Grim, but it's meant to be a good thing in terms of us being reborn to live with Christ. That basically covers the story of the Bible, aside from that there's problems within the church ranging from decrying Da Vinci Code to the very real problem of pedophiles in the church. The Roman Catholics have all the money and...excuse me here, they flaunt it. There may be other bits and pieces but that's a broad idea of my knowledge. With the idea of the Evangelical Christians believing that if the Jews return to their home Christ will return, I remember hearing that. There was something called Seven Signs of Christ's return that said that, the great Jewish pilgrimage. Does that mean all the Jews will just up and return to Israel? Given the turmoil there I can't see why they would, but given this idea I can understand the fear some would have. But if they are fearful of such an event in religion are they themselves buying into it? And do we limit the spread of religion hoping no one thinks of it or encourage it saying 'if you do this the world will end'?

By the way, the other signs I can remember is the reunification of superpowers, or the reunification of East and West Europe, which we are seeing. The creation of the ultimate weapon, the nuclear bomb. The antichrist, Hitler was the one they portrayed as being a likely canidate but some may, and probably have, argue that Bush would be a better canidate especially given the evidence of using technology to sway followers. I personally don't think so. The war to end all wars, the War on Terror is not it, this would be World War Three, or if you think we're in it already World War Four and we would be fighting China's one millions troops and the war will only end by armageddon scale weather conditions, read Day After Tomorrow type stuff. The last sign of copurse is Armageddon. Pretty scary stuff if you take it wholeheartedly.

With Iraq and the War on Terror, really put a lid on the religious angle. For me it's offensive to the religion whether you're Bush using God to wage war on all these countries or a terrorist saying you'll kill all these infidels in a terrorist act for Allah. Just go with the most basic and honest reason: that these people are killers and have to be stopped.

Hmmm, well this is going to sound silly, but going by my experiance with those who follow religion I would equate the experiance to something like a Jedi would feel when they feel the Force. I know, silly, but I'm thinking it's similar, especially given how it appears to be a religion. Mira puts it that it fills a hole, that in the Force, in religion, she feels that she no longer has to keep searching the galaxy for something and never finding it. Perhaps a better explanation would be...have you seen the new Spiderman trailer? It has Peter finding his father's real killer, and with a thirst for revenge something takes over his body, giving him enhanced powers. It feels good, apparently. I'd say because he has the power to get revenge. A dark emotion to feel, to be sure, but that type of feeling, one that hopefully you've rarely had a need to feel but something that's probably more familiar to you. As silly as it sounds I think that's the type of feeling people who believe in and follow religion have.
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