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It does????

Oh well... I must comply then.

Nothing much to report about yesterday. It came and went without making much impact on the universal timeline. If there's ever a day that could be spared to be struck from history... as far as I'm concerned, yesterday would be tops on that list.

I'm going to try to get in to attend a morning committee meeting today.

Recent history doesn't give me much hope on actually arriving at work at a reasonable hour after leaving home, however. So my hopes aren't high in that regard.

Still, I'm gonna make the attempt... wish me luck. As long as the circumstances that keep me from getting to work this morning aren't totally catastrophic, it will be a good day, I think... Well,.. perhaps not. It's still way too to early to tell.

An update on the continuing saga of my co-worker that has been unfortunately informed about the existence of the "year" threads (well,... to be perfectly honest with myself; it's truly only a saga in my own mind... but I'm going to let you all in on it anyway, since I have nothing else of any importance or interest to post at the moment...):
It has recently been revealed that she has a computer at home now.

I do believe my doom is imminent. Well, it was nice knowing you boys.
I wonder what Hell is like at this time of year...

She stated that she doesn't have an internet connection yet however. For the time being she is merely "borrowing" a connection from "someone."
(Huh. Funny,.. I never took her for being a petty bandwidth criminal. I'm actually somewhat impressed.)

There's no evidence to think she has gotten curious and followed the links yet... or that she ever will. But I suspect it's only a matter of time.

I wonder if I have enough time before that occurs to go back through all the threads and erase all my tracks... send all my previous posts down an Orwellian "Memory Hole"

Remember me to future generations... won't you, please?

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