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heh i got my myspace account nearly up to date, added some of my friends from work on it, and i added pictures.

ummm this morning i got my paycheck, got all the groceries which will last me 2 weeks (spent under $40 too, which is good because that is what i planned to spend) payed the rest of my rent to my landlords, and well now i gotta go pay teh insurance..i think i'll be a day late with the next bill...because i want sssssssome spending money, mainly for gas as i wanna go out and take some pics.

I've also got some other billz coming up....cable bill, rent....and DUN DUN DUN vehicle inspection!!!! remember last year, i spent $100 because they sabotaged my car to make it so i had to pay them to fix it (thats what i think happened) and well 2 months later, i had to get a new car. so not looking forward to inspection, because i believe my car is in good running order, aside from the transmission leak (was completely empty yesterday!!)

my head hurts...think it's due to the wisdom tooth. wish i could pull a castaway and smash it.

still gotta go get my laundry taken care of. dont feel like it. -_-

may drag my sister to go bowling this afternoon, get out of the house for a bit anyways. i haven't been bowling in a quite a few months.

i'm still stuck on graw...night missions suck.
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