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The curious thing about the auto-block system in SP is how it works.

The higher your defense level:
Better and more efficient blocks you use (there's different animations as you progress)
The more blaster bolts you can deflect and the better you can block them
Have a stronger guard, not better, but stronger (meaning you can guard against being parried better)
You have a larger arc of defense

But it uses a life like system, when a swing is thrown at your character, he'll throw out a block, but the game won't use complex math formulas to figure out whether or not he'll actually block it successfully (it probably does that to figure out parries though.

It's just as simple as that, he'll do a block animation and if his saber blocks the other in game time then so it happens, but if he throws out the block and the sabers don't actually collide then he's screwed. It all happens in real game time, it's not pre-determined or anything, or at least, it doesn't seem to be.

Any thoughts on this? (by the way, I don't have the Single Player game code in my hands, this is all pure speculation)

And also, if your having a tough time with Alora or any boss for that matter and you have duals or staff, just saber twirl and ram them, and if you time it right you can nail them and you'll get them with a few twirls, this also works with the fast kata.

@katanumeru (sorry if I spelled it wrong)
Defensive position is just when your standing still holding up your saber in the stance animation, not sure about ready stance, I'm pretty sure you can still block while walking and maybe running as long as your not swinging.

Your auto-blocking is in vain! Only SP source code modification can allow you to block my desann-style attacks without being staggered now!
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