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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Potential threats? Is you paranoid? :P

Nute, couldn't you just iTune them yourself?

XD Yes, of course she did. It has to be like this, so you got to go through all this trouble for exactly rien!, nada!, nothing! else but making you feel that you are, to put it simple, a mean and selfish asshat. But what women don't know, this is all part of the big masterplan. In fact this all is (A) just the normal drama a woman needs to have from time to time and expresses how much meaning she puts into this, (B) to make herself feel that she has a "bad boy" as boyfriend, so she can feel excited (err, and horny) about it, and (C) to test you. Yes, to test you and whether you'd stand by your friend or by her and, now that the ex-bf-wedding-situation is pretty much win for her and the action is proven to be nonsense from the begin with, how do you react to such behaviour. My advice (as trustful complete internet stranger who could also be easily your gf), be "cooperative", but don't give in, show her that such things are unacceptable. Use the fact that all has turned out well and the stress was more than unnecessary. Do it right, and she will do some things for ye.


Seriously, if you'd said this, it would be like "why would you need to think about it" and she'd expected you to say "maybe" or something.

More seriously, you should have said "That's cool buddy, I'd love to come, but not not without Svenia, so I have to talk to her first. You know what, I'd love to see her as bridesmaid. Why don't you go and ask Astrid?" (Hell, do I know the name of your and your friend's girls? I know a Svenia and Astrid and they're damn hawt, so stop complaining already, you and your friend! )

Haha, I know you knew and did this already, but hey, this thread needs posts.
well yes, however I feel that B never really will come up as an issue, I have mostly taken care of that for the most part having tattoos, accidentally getting arrested 2 years ago on a misdemeanor(I actually had to get bailed was.....really wierd) which landed me court supervision, I have a sportbike, and have a small amount of cash saved for my first handgun.

If I don't come to across as a badboy to a girl from the hell of upscale boring suburbia I can't imagine what I would have to do to get there

that being said.....that conversation about it last night was interesting, as I had to attempt to explain my thoughts and interpretation of her motives....which of course any girl hearing mention of them possibly not being correct, the shields were raised, all further hails were ignored and the bitchiness effect was turned up quite highly. I managed to talk her down(thanks psychology degree) while amusing myself at toying with her current high strung emotional state.

so all in all, it was educational, fun, and got some things accomplished

Originally Posted by edlib
I do believe my doom is imminent. Well, it was nice knowing you boys.
I wonder what Hell is like at this time of year...
I hear its quite warm in late winter..........not exactly tropical though......send me a post card would ya
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