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If Charna was at all alarmed by Tepe's wearied confessions, she managed to cover it very well. "When Kaoin attempts a takeover, he will find that fear marches through his troops. Even his own confidence will begin to fail him. As for the present, our troops will fight like they've never..." At that moment, Tepe's abrupt kiss cut off her words, but did not take her wholly by surprise. As they separated from the kiss and Charna saw Tepe's smile, she returned the smile.

"See you when this is over," she said softly. And with that, they moved their separate ways.

As the mystery fleet approached, Charna could begin to feel the life-signs aboard the ships; she could begin to feel their emotions, the fear, the excitement. Her eyes opened just a crack and she murmured, "Hostile."

A Jedi stood just near enough to hear her and he turned. "I can't sense that. Are you sure?"

Charna's eyes opened a little more. "Very."

"Don't doubt her, kid," Kyle Katarn said, entering the room. "Sound the alarm. Inform Lord Dantes and his fleet that the incoming vessels are hostile."

As the young Jedi hurried out of the room, Kyle turned to Charna, whose eyes had again closed.

"Mind if I observe you?" he wondered. Charna chuckled softly.

"You'll see something you'll never achieve," she answered. "But go ahead... just don't think too loud."
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