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Aurora was practicing a moving meditation technique while tinkering with the security system on board the Jedi Pheonix. As she let herself sink deeper into the meditation, she suddenly lost sight of the components and codes she had been working on.

::Fleeting scenes of death and destruction flitted across her vision. Jedi, falling under the blade of the Sith; the Republic, torn and shattered, rendered nonexistent by the dark armies that beat against it; planets smashed, lives ruined, darkness was everywhere. And yet.... despite the darkness, tiny rays of light still shone. She saw forces battling the darkness, rebelling against the Sith. She saw..... CSI, with others she didn't know. And she saw..... herself? and Arion, with them, fighting Sith Lords on distant planets.....::

She opened her eyes with a start. The security system was humming, softly, indicating that she had finished its modifications. She absentmindedly tucked a stray strand of hair out of her eyes, as she thought about what she'd seen.

Arion came into the room from the cargo hold, where he had been practicing his lightsaber forms, looking like he'd seen a ghost. "You saw it too?" he asked, and she nodded.

"Sounds like the Jedi are needed in the galaxy again. Somewhere..... somewhen?"

Arion raised an eyebrow. "But how do we even know where to look?"

She shrugged. "We start with the only familiar point of reference."



* * *

They dropped out of hyperspace at Ryloth, and docked at a little-used landing pad. Aurora set the security system, and they headed for an ancient forest, where they detected a faint Force residue. They stopped when they neared the nexus, and began to meditate. As they focused their concentration, a warp gate opened, and they walked through it, into another age.

* * *

As they emerged from the warp gate, which closed behind them, they saw a hut a short distance away. Aurora and Arion exchanged glances, and headed over to the hut. Aurora tapped gently on the door, and opened it. She saw CSI sitting there, meditating, and she said, "Hey, there. Long time no see." She drew out a long parcel, wrapped in cloth. "I had a funny feeling, like you were going to need this. So here we are." She handed it to him, with a smile.

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