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Did I tell you about that police drama where a witch was persecuted by Christians? In our society that would be seen as extremist. Would someone like Bush be extremist? I'm not sure I'd say he's extremist, I'd say he's a idiot, and he hurts Christianity by his posturing over it, saying God told him to invade Iraq and the like. What about something like Jesus Camp? I can understand the fear that comes from something like this, but Christians preach about being in a spiritual war all the time. This however takes it far beyond the lengths others would take it, and in any case they're wrong in praying to Bush, I checked.

By today's Christian I mean the type who does not burn sacrifices in 'guilt offerings', ect, who don't practice God's ways in being a God of anger, a just God, who would smite a people for their acts. Oh sure you get the odd extremist, or maybe they are truely living how scripture says they're meant to, but for the most part they don't. They take some of the scripture to heart, or even most of it, and deem the rest as not applying to them.

Big picture? Explain this to me. Something like a call to arms for Christians to wage war on what is deemed intolerant?
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