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DDO: Dungeons & Dragons Online

Yah, naysayer that I am.. and the "I'll never play a MMORPG".. I've found myself, (with what little time I've had), locked into the lands of Stormreach and loving every minute of it

I'm not sure whether I should thank RedHawke or throw something at him.. hehehe

I had to take a hiatus due to RL, but now that things are stabilized.. I've started playing again.. soooo...

Just wondering if anyone else plays it, their thoughts, what server, etc.

Skeptical of the 3.5 system (die-hard 2.0 fanboi here).. I have to say with what resources are available.. Turbine has done a decent job of bringing the PnP version to it's long awaited format, and bringing in bigger & better improvements as they make way past their 1st anniversary.

Color me impressed..

Look me up if you play it.

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