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"This is Strider Flamehart of the Sith Hunters, from the Ragnarok to the Phasma. This surprise on the Galactic Alliance will catch them off guard. I will be making a move on their ships momentarily. If you wish to strike a harsh blow to make the tide of this battle turn in our favor, direct several of your squads to follow me. I'll need their firepower, I'm going to hit their capital ships hard and fast while the other Hunters help with anything else," Strider suggested in a rushed voice over the intercom to the Phasma. It felt so strange to be offering his help so willingly to the Dominion, and he knew they too would be surprised.

"Also," Strider added, "Inform Lord Tepe that the Sith Hunters wish a peaceful audience after this battle. There is much to be discussed," he finished, flying the Ragnarok ahead of the Phasma, waiting to see if he would send a squadron with him for the hit and run on the capital ships.

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