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Achilles, you'll find debate here, no worries, and I'm sure you'll enjoy this forum very much, and if you were thinking I meant that comment as a barb, I wasn't. Kavar's was never intended as a Senate replacement--it's a different environment in SWK. And you'll get a reply from me over there at least hopefully soon--searching for a new job and dealing with that upheaval to my family had to take precedence over taking the time to do the research needed for threads in either the Senate or Kavar's. I enjoy reading the debates very much, but I've discovered engaging in some of them is not a stress-relieving activity for me, and I've got way too much stress atm. One of these months RL will finally release its death grip on me....sigh.

@Spider AL--I know you are very specific with that terminology (and I don't think that's a bad thing), but if you cannot definitively _prove_ there is no God, then is it not just your _belief_ that there is no God?
I don't have a ton of time at the moment to do any kind of extensive semantic discussion, so a brief answer on how you view that distinction is probably going to be more than sufficient for me, at least, at this time.

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