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Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
Yah, naysayer that I am.. and the "I'll never play a MMORPG".. I've found myself, (with what little time I've had), locked into the lands of Stormreach and loving every minute of it
You and me both. All I can say to others is don't knock them until you have tried them.

Originally Posted by ChAiNz.2da
I'm not sure whether I should thank RedHawke or throw something at him.. hehehe
I have a +5 heavy Mithril shield of Rotten Fruit Block now just for this event!

You are on my primary server ChAiNz... look me up when you are on some evening.

Server: Aundair

Guilds: Adventure, Inc. and The Paper Dolls

RedHawke Xa'Rann, Elf, 12 Cleric (1757 Total Favor)
GreyHawke Xa'Rann, Drow, 10 pally/2 Fighter (1178 Favor, dual Khopesh wielder)
BlackHawke Xa'Rann, Drow, 5 Fighter/2 Barb (Dual Khopesh wielder)
GreyHawkeI Stray Hand, Drow, 5 Rogue
RedHawkeI Integra, Human, 6 Fighter (Dual Bast. Sword wielder, currently storage will be reborn as 32 point build at some point)
RedHawkeII Xa'Rann, Elf, 4 Cleric/1 Pally (32 Point Build)
RedHawkea Von Napalm, Elf, 2 Mage (32 Point Build, may be scrapped for a Sorc I'm not too sure about the whole caster thing as of yet.)
Also have peeked into a couple other servers...

Server: Arenal

RedHawke Xa'Rann, Elf, 4 Cleric
Haven't caught BobLion54 on yet though.

Server: Argonessen

RedHawke Integra, Human, 3 Fighter
Yeah I know I'm not real creative with names, but it is easier for me to keep things organised in my head.

"Beware the form-fitting black armor-clad Drow hottie with twin Mineral II Greensteel Khopeshes!"
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