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The Ragnarok recieved a small hologram of the flagship of the entire Alliance fleet. The Executor-class Super Star Destroyer was slowy rumbling to meet Phasma and vice versa. It would be one heck of a duel if it would ever come to place. Of course, the Dominion ship was only to distract most of the large Super Star Destroyer's weapons away from the fighters.
"Stay behind Phasma until we open fire on the ship. After that, it's your turn to take out the shields. After that, you can enter Hangar 17-G" the Admiral continued in the message and turned to more important situations he needed to address.

As the two giants collided, exchanging lasers and missiles, the command was sent to Strider to start their attack run. As people started dying on boths ships, a strong force-sensitive being could feel a pulse emitting from ontop of Phasma's bridge. There Tepe meditated in silence, harvesting the force energy left behind by the dead and using it in return to cause explosions around the Super Star Destroyer, dealing it's hull some major damage. The Colonel watched quietly as Tepe's breathing came much more heavier than it usually was when in meditation, yet he could do nothing to help the man. Reports came throught that the Super Star Destroyer's shields were down and the starighters were summoned to return to Phasma with the Sith Hunters. The Dungeon Ship redirected all it's power to weapons, continuously firing upon the weak spots in the hull of the other giant next to it. The Super Star Destroyer was soon taken care of and the Alliance fleet went into a state of confusion. They didn't know exactly who was in command now, so they started slowly to withdraw, some admirals ordering their forces off the planet where they were being overrun by the garrison and the reinorcements sent by the Dominion fleets.

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