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How I spent the day:

Slept late.
Did laundry.
Took nap.
Did more laundry.
Cooked and ate dinner.
Watched PBS political "Week in review" show lineup.
Customised MySpace page (a bit...)

Didn't get out of the house to get my hair trimmed. That'll have to wait until some night after work next week. Same goes for dry-cleaning.
Laundry wasn't nearly as bad as my usual. Nice.

Not completely happy with the page... but at least it's not the stock anymore. Not nearly as obnoxious as some peoples, though. I do believe I managed to retain readability, if nothing else.
Tried to stay tasteful... if industrial.

Maybe I'll work on it more in the morning. Now that I have all the raw code entered, I can probably just change individual HTML settings, and not bother with the editor anymore.

I've been using my first, botched, abandoned page as a test-bed for all these tweaks, before applying them to my public page. After all, if they aren't going to bother to delete it, I might as well put it to some good use.

Customised my URL finally too. Not exactly what I wanted... but it works.

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