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Arion opened the first book in the stack, one about the history of the Jedi Order, and thumbed through it. "Heart of the Guardian, eh? Believed to be instrumental in founding the Order.... Not much on the other crystal, looks like, though. Let's see...."

Aurora picked up a different volume, this one labeled, Prophesy and Legend: Tales of the Jedi. "Here it says that the Heart of the Guardian will appear in a time of great turmoil, and deliver the galaxy into salvation. Still nothing about the other one, though."

Arion had a book of old Sith tales. "Well, another reference to the Heart of the Guardian, and.... wait, here's something. Not much, but it mentions the Mantle of the Force as a focusing tool for Force-sensitives, lost during the time of Exar Kun. Curious." He took a long sip of his drink, then turned to CSI. "What are we going to do about the Sith? Apparently, things are bad enough that the Force called us here. What can we do to help?"

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