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Alixe looked through a pair of binoculars, trying to find some sign of the Jedi she ran into, but couldn't see anything, and it was too late to do anything regardless.
"Hell is too good a place for you," she said of the Emperor as the shuttle lifted her from Kamino, "you son of a..."
"His death will go a long way to bringing peace back to the galaxy." From behind the hologram of Mon Mothma interrupted the abrasive old soldier. "We are going over Kamino now. Anything you have to add about what you found there?" Alixe thought for a moment, her arms crossed.
"We have one dead Sith Lord. Best reason in twenty years to get toasted on spice." If Palpatine was dead maybe she could even retire, leave the Empire to a younger generation. "Did you find anybody else down there?"
"So far we have not been able to find any trace of the people you informed us about. However if they were indeed Jedi then it would be important to find them so they can aid us in their cause."
"Humph." After the Jedi purge Alixe wondered about that, if maybe any survivors simply chose to quit like they did thousands of years ago. What she encountered suggested otherwise. "You want me to hunt them down and convince them to work for us then?"
"We have another task for you. Intelligence has uncovered information of a threat against Skywalker."
"Skywalker?" Alixe wasn't surprised in the least. "He took out the Empire's trump card, prevented them from destroying the Rebellion. A farmboy. Only reason I can think of that every loser has not been hired to kill him is because of embaressment." Mothma looked up the information she had, repeating it to the commando.
"Her name is Mara Jade, an experiment we believe. She would use the Empire's funds to stay in the Imperial's hotels as payment for her services, which we believe is at the moment to hunt down and kill Skywalker." Alixe looked at the image of her target and couldn't help but think how ugly she looked.
Well, I am hardly one to talk.
"She is called the Emperor's right hand, having been trained in the ways of the Sith."
"That means she probably uses the Force to currupt minds." A disgusted look crossed Alixe's face. "I did not get the opportunity to put a bullet in the Emperor's head, but the chance to cut off his right hand is fine by me. Out." Her finger stabbed the controls of the holovid, terminating communications.
[Mara Jade,] she mused. Sith training or not, a sniper was probably a good choice to send after her, especially one that sought to hurt the Empire any way possible. Alixe headed for the front of the shuttle.
"What did Mothma want?" Alixe took the seat next to the pilot.
"There is an assassin sent to kill Luke Skywalker," was the reply. "How they explained the reason beats me."
"So what now?" Alixe was suddenly very very tired, not just from Kamino. It felt like she had been fightiing this war forever, sacrificing everything she had for her great crusade: any chance of a family or happy life.
That ended years ago when evil took control of the galaxy. Now wasn't the time for introspection.
"Home feels good right now." Wherever that might be. "Nar Shaddaa. We might be able to get some information there."
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