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Hmm, I hadn't really thought about limitations as such. I suppose there's the possibility that you can only upgrade by one or two packages e.g. you're allocated the sports car package, but you can upgrade to a luxury cruise if you have enough money. Or maybe that also depends on how good you were in life. If I use Bruno as an example again, he didn't seem particularly nice and was obviously offered a pretty bad package, but he was given the chance to upgrade (which he refused because he's a cheapskate). Maybe this was because, even though he wasn't exactly friendly, he had never nasty or evil (we have to assume).

Does that make sense? This could go one of two ways:

If you haven't been a saint in life, but haven't been particularly nasty either, then you get the chance to upgrade. The amount of money you have determines how much you can upgrade by.


If you have a lot of money when you die you are offered the chance to upgrade, but it depends how good you were in life as to how much you can upgrade by.

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Damn. Every time I think I'm done with this post, something else come to my mind.
I understand completely.
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