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"Big enough. Let's go." Then he casted Master Speed and ran to the Spaceport. Then CSI found Terminal 21, which there was a sign said "Reserved". CSI said nothing and used the Force to open the closed door. Inside, there was nothing.

CSI commented: "Maybe something just flied away, or is going to land here. We got to do it fast." Then he sat down and begin meditating. Slowly, a warp gate opened, and the outline of Jedi Phoenix was slowly revealed. At last, the whole ship docked in front of them.

Suddenly, the portmaster, a Toydarian apporoached to the trio and said: "Oh no! What should I do? A ship is coming here!"

CSI said calmly: "Diverge it to somewhere else, here, 20 credits. That should do it."

"Thank you, kind Jedi! I will diverge it to somewhere else." The portmaster answered happily.


The Jedi Phoenix's engine roared to life. In the cockpit, CSI punched into the coordinates manually without the aid of Navi Computer. Then he punched a button, then they flicked into Hyperdrive.

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