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Darth Aap arrived back at a small hidden outpost on Dathomir. Here he was gonna plan his uprise. He couldn't just walk in and say ''Hi, I killed the emperor, obey me now.'' He needed good representatives (Representing is something Darth Aap never was good at) and a backup army just in case (he already had that). Let's start on Kamino. With a bit of luck the fight there may be over so i can move in more undetected. Oh and ofcourse some major imperial planets to collect some loyals who already planned on serving me when the time was there.
So darth aap cloacked his ship again and moved out. He was a bit.. troubled tho. Darth Revan was still out there, and Darth Aap just knew that a confrontation with him was nessesary and it would happen soon. He also wondered who the old rebel woman he ran into might have been. He senced traces of the force within her. If the rebels have a new Jedi Padawan it might become dangerous (not knowing of Luke).

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