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JA Graphics Glitch

hey everyone, does anyone know how to fix this? i dusted off my copy of JA, and installed it, and when i started the first sp level, this came up.
this is the part where i have to cut down the first tree. i highlighted important things on it for reference. now i havent changed any hardware or software since i last played it, and i re-installed it, and tried it with and without mods on and the best i could get from it was in safe mode it would just flicker between the picture and normal. i thought it was just that level, but i managed to get to the next one and it was the same. if anyone knows whats going on, id much appreciate some help. also i have all the latest drivers and direct x. and JO works fine.

my system is 512mb sdram
p4 1.8ghz cpu
geforce 4 mx440
p.s. sorry about the size of the pic, i didnt think realize it would be so large when i took it.

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