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StarFields: Mercenary Crew

Here’s the Rp for the Starfields: Mercenary crew RP, You can still join at anytime and we’ll try to get you with the crew at the next convenient time, just post a character sheet here: .

I’m going to start with a Brief-ish prologue and then I’ll start us off with a bit of action to get a nice bit of tempo in early.
__________________________________________________ ______

The Sun shone brightly drenching the deserts of new Sahara in heat an light, The large mountain caused the only shade for over a thousand miles. There was not a cloud in the sky and no wind blew to cool the air in the highest temperatures of the World.

A man and women ran in the afternoon sun towards the rocky elevations in cloaks the colour of the sand. They had been running for hours and it showed in the way they breathed deeply and the sweat that dripped down their faces. The Air began to feel like fire as they breathed and each step felt like they were running on a bed of knives and swords. The pain they felt would often make most people stop and rest for as long as they could, but they could not.

The cloaked Man and women had just gotten to the top of one large dune when the man tripped at the top and began to roll down the other side. The sand flew up above him as he tumbled down towards the base of the dune, his body curled and hand covered his face trying to protect himself from any harm. The women ran down after her falling companion while trying to stop herself from following him in his uncontrollable roll. The man finally reached the bottom and rolled a few more times along the flat bit of sand at the bottom. The Women ran up to him and knelt at his side pulling him on to his seat and removing her hood.

“Come on.” They women breathlessly spoke. “They’re behind us.”

The man tried to pull himself up with the aid of the women, but as he was up right and put preasure on his right leg he screamed out in pain and collapsed. The women reached back down to pick him up only to have the man push her hands away.

“Go!” The man ordered. “You have to get to the mountain.”

“I can’t leave you.” She sobbingly replied. “They’ll kill you.”

“And if you stay they’ll kill us both.” He said reaching into his cloak and taking out a small metallic cube. “Take it and go!”

The women reluctantly took it out of the mans hand and looked down at the cube. ‘How can something so small be so important.’ She thought when a slight buzzing noise could be heard in the distance from where they came from. She raised her head up looking up the dune her companion had just fallen down then back down at the Man, he reached into his cloak once again and pulled out a gun.
“Go, I’ll distract them.”

The women then stood up and turned around to face the mountain, she began to run as fast as she could away from the man. The man looked down at the gun as he heard the sounds get ever closer, his heard began to pound hard in his chest as if he was still running.

The noise came up close and then to a complete halt at the top of the dune he sat by, He raised his head up to look at the tip of the dune. The bright sun almost blinded him until a person stepped in front it creating his silhouette against the stars light. The Man raised his run up and pointed it towards the mysterious silhouette and pulled the trigger launching the bullet in it’s direction. The silhouette ducked down as the metal shard missed them completely, the man fired two more shots in the same direction.

The silhouette reached into the inside of what appeared to be some kind of drench coat and pulled out a pistol of their own. A split second later a bullet came down and impacted the man in his shoulder and caused him to drop the gun by his side. He screamed out in pain and reached over with his opposite hand in an attempt to stop the bleeding. Looking down at his shoulder he was completely distracted and did not see the silhouette slowly walk down the dune along with another person.

They reached the man and pushed him down onto his back forcing him to look up and into the light of the sun. He looked down at the two who had shot at him and could make out that one was a women and one a man. They both war long black drench Coats and dark sunglasses, the women was attractive wearing bright red lipstick and long flowing blond hair. The dark clothed reached down and began to pat down the injured mans clothes.

“Where is it?” The man asked calmly as he stood up.

“What‘s it?” The injured man laughed.

“Do not play the fool with us.” The women stated. “Tell us now peacefully or we will take it from your mind and that will be painful.”

“Go to hell.” He shouted with anger as he reached over to grab his gun, he pointed it up under his chin and pulled the trigger. The shot echoed through the desert and the two dark clothed people looked down at the now dead man.
__________________________________________________ ________________

Jason Nasai laid on his stomach on the hard metal floor of the Shining Spears, his eyes closed and arms thrown above his head. The ship shook violently and Jason’s eyes quickly widened, He pushed himself up and ran over to the ship internal communication system.

“Cassie get down to the Cargo hold, Kane’s taken shrapnel to the gut.” Jason shouted into the comm before running to the bace of the ladder where a lash Ashokan man Laid holding a bloody cloth over a wound. Jason reached down to the cloth and took over from the other man.

“C’mon Tee, stick in there.” Jason told the Ashokan.

The Shining spear was evasively moving across the vacuum of space while it’s cannon fired upon two bird shaped spaceships. The jay bird vessel were Pirate ships and smaller than the Shining spear but still had two large rail-gun cannons fixed to the end of each of its wings, they were firing upon the Shining spear.

((occ- Tee Kane is the third gunner on the ship, but he’s been hit pretty hard and will die. How quickly I’ll leave upto steven. Atomic and archon, you guys have a Jay bird vessel each to destroy.))
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