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N'la stared down at the device he held, mumbling to himself underbreath.

A strange soldier-like being approached him, standing fairly close to him.

"I-den-ti-fy," it drawled out.

N'la, still looking at his device, lifted his hand up, palm forward in the mindless thing's face. With a barely perceivable twitch, his dew claw shot out of the mound in his wrist, stabbing into the thing's throut. With another barely visible motion he retracted the dew claw, lowering his hand, the drone falling to the ground, dead.

Moments later, N'la lept up, landing inside the cockpit of his sith fighter, which had been remotely brought to his position. He closed the hatch and took off, soaring into space, he closed his eyes, trying to follow the presence that had drawn him here. He had come here to see what it was, and he wasn't stopping until he found it, he didn't want his venture to this planet wasted.

He finally got a general idea of the direction it was going, with a couple of adjustments, he was facing the direction he felt the presence. He put in some coordinates, and soon he was slipping into hyperspace. He didn't know it's destination, and he didn't know how far it was going, but when it stopped somewhere, he could always re-adjust course.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)
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