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"Phoenix get the Hyperdrive spinning for an emergency jump."

Phoenix responded immediately, turning from his collision course into a wall towards the engine room with the Hyperdrive. This maneuver lead to him smashing straight into another wall, recovering from the blow, and then going through the hallways leading through the ship to the engine room. When he reached it, he found the Hyperdrive in the same shape he had left it: Dismantled, but only to the point where it was still operational. Of course, since he had only left it operational, that meant they were going to have to make a blind jump. Luckily, it would only take a moment to get it started since he wouldn't have to put in coordinates.

Phoenix let out a quick and sharp laugh as the Hyperdrive whirled to life. He then turned around and started to run, but crashed head-first into a wall. This caused him to black out for a moment before he recovered and began his sprint around the ship.
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