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OK, just so you guys know, azimnj is from the Jedi Knight part of the forums, he hosted a roleplay thread there about the Clone Wars, we finished up the Clone War part..... so, here we are..... except..... daniel and I were already here..... anyway, yeah.....

*The Lieutenant and some disguised Elite Troopers came and found the shop on Taris*
*Lieutenant* I'd like to see.... rocalph.
*shop manager* storeroom.
*Lieutenant* thanks.
*the Lieutenant heads to the storeroom and escorts Okoe Kithoran out, as they head back to the shuttle a trooper called on the Lieutenant's comm and said there were Star Destroyers entering the other side of the system.*
*Okoe Kithoran* Double time, we need to get back to the ship as soon as possible.*
*Lieutenant* good thing we brought a landspeeder along...
*Okoe* now that's more like it!

by the way, about azimnj's profile, he was a Clone Commander in the clone wars that defied order sixty-six, he saved Plo Koon's life, and he has won many battles, that's pretty much all I can remember about his profile.

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