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(Are we in hyperdrive now?)

Tekla was facing an expert pilot, better than he had ever faced before. He'd fire a line along the ship and it would somehow evade his impossible to miss shot. "Damn well I guess I can't call it the impossible anymore." He continued firing at the ship hoping the pilot would make a mistake.

After a few minutes of firing one of the missiles from the Jay Bird, hammered the side of the ship near the turret window, making it start to crack all the way across. "That's not good." The window kept holding though, while he manueverd the rail gun in the direction of the Jay Bird.

Suddenly a bullet hit the wing of the Bird hitting one of the missile pods. The ship wing lit up in flames as the pilot must have been taught kamikaze mauevers, because as the explosion traveled across the ship from wing tip to wing tip, one of the missile fired out of the pod on the other side and headed straight to the turret window. "Crap!" Tekla took the visor off his head and pressed the lockdown button beside him as he jumped to the hard metal floor behind him.

A metal gate made its way across the turret area as the missile struck the turret window, shattering the glass and exploding all the ammunition inside the turret. The explosion from the missile and ammunition made a massive dent in the metal gate which is supposedly supposed to be impenetrable. The ship shook and then took off into hyperdrive(I believe). Tekla started rolling from hyperdrive and speed and finally stopped rolling at the hyperdrive room. He slowly raised himself off the floor and onto his knees, looking up to see Phoenix running toward the door. "Arggh that hurt." He stood up and faced Phoenix, "Hey Phoenix, your going to be hating after what just happened." Tex said as he wiped the blood from his cheek with the back of his hand.
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