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"It's 'bout time you got that thing powered, Phoenix," Grace called through the intercom. "I'm good, but even I can't keep away from that many that long!"

She watched her controls carefully, as hyperspace was not a solid, proven method of transportation yet. Flicking a switch to her left and turning a dial fully to the right, she stared intently at the sensor screen at her right. "C'mon, baby... show me somethin'..." she murmured. Suddenly, it did, flashing a warning that an unknown celestial body was dead ahead.

"Oh, please, please, please," Grace murmured, flicking two switches forward and pulling a lever fully back to disengage the hyperdrive. Stars reverted to their standard specks and an unidentified planet loomed directly ahead. Breathing a sigh of relief, she switched on the intercom.

"Gentlemen... and lady," she announced to the ship, "we have come out of hyperspace without crashing and burning. Our present location will take a moment to discern. For the moment, I should advise against visiting the planet we shall soon be in orbit of... according to sensors, it's not very pleasant down there."

She set the sensors as far as they could go while finishing with, "Thank you for your patience, we shall soon be underway once more. This is your pilot, Grace Nasai. Thank you for flying Shining Spear Spacelines and we hope you'll choose us again, whenever the mood to travel strikes you."

With that, she switched off the intercom and hurried aft to see what happened to Tee. When she got there, her forehead wrinkled with concern. Turning ever so slightly to Cassie, she asked anxiously, "He'll be alright, won't he?"
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