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Darth Aap flew over to kamino to see what was happening and while he was hovering around the place to pick anyone alive before you knew it there was al large population of stormtroopers and imperials and all the empire bassically (well troops necesary).

Darth Aap landed and had a look around then when he had a look at the stormtroopers and imperials they looked like "what is he here" or something like that.

Darth Aap enters the main building then suddenly storm troopers seize him and take him to Darth Reven.


Darth Reven: Well not much except from the idea of me controlling the empire now

Darth Aap: WHAT!!!


Imperial: Theres an imperial fleet comming in and as well as a rebel fleet

Imperial Commander : Good we can get rienforcement

Imperial (with reven): Give up you stupid person

Imperial Commander: Pardon you how rude

Imperial (with reven): Prepare to be blasted

Imperial Commander: Ok then all troops man guns and all piolits go to your vehicles and get out there and fight

Imperial: Rebel fleet incomming

Imperial Commander: Well

Rebel: Putting you in now dran

Dran: Well Imperial Commander nice to see you again

Imperial Commander: You were the stupid clone that rebelled against us

Dran: We will see who stupid. Attack!!!

Imperial Commander: All fighters attack these given targets and as well as gunners

Dran: Turn on all sheilds

Imperial Commander: Turn on reflecter shields


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