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*The empire was torn to bits once reven took control of the empire so a group of people from the empire made a new faction with more advanced technology to destroy reven and who ever was to oppose them the faction is The Moff because they had no other imperials except all the moffs (master imperial class) and a few imperials and troopers well the only clone troopers not the new recruits*

Moff Imperial: We have to get new ships and vehicles since we only have a small group of imperial vehicles.

Moff: Understood track okoe when he flies to different areas he may end up going off to get more technology

Moff Imperial: Yes Sir

*while okoe isnt looking a Moff stormtrooper attaches a hommig beacon onto his ship and then he flies off with out even knowing*

Moff stormtrooper: I have done my mission

Moff Imperial: Good

Star Wars Galaxie Player:

Several Alts

Main Character: Venuew Louthmic
Strongest Weapon: Forward Command Knuckler
Poffesion: Entertainer
Level: 90
Pilot Level: Advance Fighters skill level
Favourite Armour: Katarn Armour (clone armour)
Owns two pets
High leveled Beast Master
Very Powerful moves
Server: Ahazi
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