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Grace caught Jason's tone immediately and tugged lightly on Shien's hand. "C'mon Shien. Let's go see if the sensors have figured out where we are yet."

She led the way forward to the bridge and bent over the sensor panel to determine what she could from it. Nodding slowly, she murmured a few things under her breath.

"ISS 5 should be..." she said thoughtfully. Then, she tapped on the panel, "... that way. Hope above all hopes the hyperdrive doesn't go tetchy on us and if it doesn't, we'll get there in... three hours? Yeah, three hours."

Settling into the pilot's chair, Grace glanced over at Shien and, as if to comfort the gunner, she said, "Tee's gonna be fine," but the way she said it almost sounded as if she were trying to convince herself of it. Shaking her head ever so slightly, she reached for the controls, gently guiding the ship around in the safest direction to ISS 5.

"Crew, this is your pilot speaking," Grace said into the intercom. "Hold onto something. We're engaging the hyperdrive." She flipped three switches and pushed the lever forward; the ship accelerated into hyperspace toward ISS 5.

"You can go get some rest now, Shien," Grace said, her focus mostly on her controls. "We've still got three hours 'till we hit ISS 5."
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