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((She is taking a heavy risk, but they don't have much of a choice. They made a blind hyperspace jump away and they're certainly not gonna try going back the way they came. I figure there aren't any hypergates near enough to shoot for. So they have to take a risk.))

"I'm fine, I'll just stay up here and keep you company," he said rather saddly. "Oh, and please call me Ciyagi...I only like being called Shien in combat situations, or on formal occasions, Mrs. Nasai," he told her politely.

"So, um, unless we're going to a ball, well...." Ciyagi just shrugged, not in the mood to joke...

Grace smiled faintly as well, but said nothing further at the moment. There was a period of silence, before Ciyagi spoke up, "I like the stars...I find them beautiful, they remind me mom...." Ciyagi paused, looking down at the console, saddly. "Do you like the stars, Mrs. Nasai?"

"I love the stars, Ciyagi," Grace answered softly. "It's so... peaceful out here."

A hint of wistfulness flickered in her expression. Much like Ciyagi had revealed a side of himself that few had seen, so Grace was doing now.

"Before this," she said softly, working with the controls, "before I was pilot of the Shining Spear, I lived a very different life..." She shook it off and smiled. "Nice to get away from the past sometimes, I guess."
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