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"Ah, Nar Shaddaa," Alixe said as the shuttle touched down. "Best place to celebrate by getting toasted, roasted and burnt on vice." She wished she was able to recover her rifle from Kamino, the size of it might get her a few stares here but it'd be worth the protection, especially if she found her target.
"Need a drinking partner?" Alixe looked at the bar that was pointed out and shook her head.
"If something happens you will need to carry on the search on your own." She didn't expert that her life would be in danger, especially if there were two Rebel commandos as opposed to just the one. This was Nar Shaddaa however, where there was more than one way to take a wrong step and fall. Without a weapon it was a risk but Alixe wanted to chance it over putting her partner at risk. Stepping out into the cool air she pulled the coat over herself further, more to hide the Rebel uniform than to keep warm.
"Scuse," she said, brushing past a group of people leaving the bar, including a redhead. She didn't give the woman a second thought, more interested in seeing that the bar was in fact an Imperial hotel. "Hmm." Maybe she wouldn't get any help here but she had to try, if she played her cards right someone might tell her something. She approached the Sullistan behind the bar and dropped a handful of credits on the counter. "Beer, anything." As the bartender got her drink Alixe mused at the Imperial's hiring policy.
A Sullistan working for them? Well he was probably from some type of employment agency and not actually with the Empire. The glass bottle was placed in front of her and while she was given the correct change she took a sip, approving of the choice in drinks. It was quality stuff, tasting better than the usual low priced drinks she usually ordered. Checking the label she saw that it came from Onderan. When her change was brought to her she pushed it back.
"You seen any redheads here recently?" she asked. Alixe liked Sullistans and understood them, sort of. His jibbering, nodding and affirmative facial expressions told her he did. "Short cropped hair, red hair, like a Sith's lightsaber. I owe her some credits," she finished by way of explanation. The Sullistan pointed past her. Looking, Alixe saw that she was trying to look like she wasn't listening in. A flash of recognition clicked in her mind, Alixe caught a glimpse of the woman as she walked past but it didn't register. Now that she got a good look it was clear that Mara Jade had found her, not the other way around, how Alixe had no idea, and she was defenceless.
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