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I started as a Star Wars gaming fan around 1993, but after playing Full Throttle and the first Sam and Max (and moving from rabid SW obsession to more a distanced appreciation in, let's say, junior high). I love the old adventure games, and I love a lot of the Star Wars games too. Having said that, I voted for originals, but I honestly don't really trust LucasArts to back up original titles after many half-ass attempts and cancellations during the past few years.

But let's face some facts: The people who made the good original games in the 1990s have quit or been fired years ago, and the good Star Wars games are typically (and rightfully) outsourced to other developers.

Yeah, sorry. LucasArts didn't make those games you love. Not Jedi Outcast or Academy (Raven), and not KotOR or KotOR 2 (BioWare and Obsidian). They didn't make X-Wing, TIE Fighter, or their offspring (Totally Games), or the Rogue Squadron series (Factor 5). It seems like Lucasfilm could have saved a step and just licensed the games directly to these companies rather than going through their game publisher.

What makes a LucasArts title these days? A few meetings and a QA team? For LucasArts to focus on making one type of game or another, they'll have to start making games, period.

(I think I'm fired.)

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