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Imperial Special Forces [ISF]

Clan Name: Imperial Special Forces [ISF] (I messed up the thread title)


Leaders: [ISF]Minton16, [ISF]Psych21, [ISF]Trooper_01

Clan Email: contact me at

Story about your clan: ISF started back in galactic battlegrounds and was one of the largest clans around. We took a break for a while and started back up with EaW and have had huge success. We have 2 land divisions. 25th stormtrooper legion and the 7th 'Marine' Stormtrooper Legion. Plus 2 space divisions. The ISD Chaotic Fear and The ISD Ascendant Justice. We look for good character and loyalty in recruits. Due to the change of site we have had to start fresh in members. If you are interested in us, join one of our recruitment games. Or contact me on my yahoo email, On xfire, Generalminton16.

Imperial Special Forces
General Minton

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