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Shure, just give us some information about your Roleplaying Character.

Darth Aap's Thought: That didn't went as I hoped. Guess the confrontation with Revan begins sooner than I thought.

Darth Aap: You?! Controlling the Empire?! Prethatic!!!

Revan: I once controlled the Sith Army, and now I can do it again.

Darth Aap: Not if it depends on me. I've done too much to reach my goal to be stopped by some half-dead sith lord.

Revan: My body mignt not be as good as it was before, but I can assure you, my power is.

Darth Aap: Then why don't you show me.

Darth Aap used the force to smash the stormtrooper guards uncontious agains the wall and he drew his lightsaber. He directly attacked Revan. After several attacks on eachother Darth Aap thoughd; I can't win this, but, perhaps I don't have to. No if I play this smart it'll work out just the way I like it. Heh heh.

Then Darth Aap stopped the fight

Darth Aap: You are too strong for me. I Yield.

Revan: Now you know the power of the Dark Lord.

Darth Aap: Yes, I see it now! You deserve to be the Dark Lord, not me. If I had only seen that before, I would have joined you, not fought you. Please Revan, Let me join you. Together with me as your apprentice, we can be much more powerfull. You can be much more powerfull.

Revan: I knew you would realise the truth. That's why I didn't kill you yet. I have more value to you as my apprentice, instead of another corpse.

Darth Aap: Thank you Lord Revan.

Revan: Good, now follow me.

And as Revan, fully blinded by greed and power turned his back to Darth Aap, Darth Aap did a quick strike and cutted Revan down.

Darth Aap: You na´ve fool. The galaxy will be mine now!!

Revan: You... Cowar-

Revan died
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