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This is more like it. Let the insanity continue in this place.

I'm gonna be dangeROSS or tyranasauROSS.
Hair color-Dirty blonde.
Eye Color-Brown
Weapon- Harmonica o' powa and pencils o'art, a freggin' jet-pack.
Skills-Mad drawing skillz. Draws stuff that comes real and kills you. Harmonica. Can't really play it, but it can be very dangerous weapon. Can't smell or taste. Has a freakin' jet pack. and runs with dogs who also have jet-packs.
Best Kill-Robotic evil albert Einstein.
Awexome?-Are you serious? I used to have the word awesome in my sig. My middle name is gunnar...and AWESOME. I have a jet-pack! and a dog with a jet-pack!

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