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Hey Tyrone how about we dont have any sound effects like aaaarrhh unless there saying something and so yeah no bam or boom or things like that because l got confused if someone was saying something or not ok thanks oh thanks for joining this thread tyrone!

*Alixie heard on a holo that there was a surviving jedi and she noticed it got alot of stormtroopers attention because they remembered killing all the jedi and she heard a comment of the jedi is that he was young one that was said to be either 7-10 years old and they said he was a very young jedi master that rised throught the ranks faster then any other jedi has ever done*

Alixie's thoughts: If this a jedi thats alive he may be a good chance of getting rid of the empire


*Darth Aap turned the empire arround and turned it back into it state it was before the emporour died and the moffs rejoined the empire finding out that the rest of the empire were not crazy anymore but that didn't stop them from getting new technology*

Darth Aap: Imperial prepare to move to this system

Imperial: Yes Sir

Darth Aap: Heres the given commands

*Darth Aap poped up a hologram of the places to go it said
Nal Hutta

Imperial: understood

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