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Alixe had another agenda on Nar Shaddaa. It was finding those two men who claimed to be Jedi that made her think of it. Maybe not all the Jedi were dead, but in hiding. Since she expected if not now then maybe later to try and find any that still may live and have them join their cause. That wasn't an appertising thought, she did that at the end of the Clone Wars and found nothing but torment in finding them all dead, or missing, having presumeably met the same fate. None of that was on her mind at the moment however as she looked at the redhead across the bar. Mara Jade looked right back as she took a pull from her beer. The fact this old woman was looking for her made the Sith defensive. But there was an edge to her, the aura about her suggested that she had seen a lot in her long life.
Military? she wondered. There was also the face, she was certain that she'd seen the face before. Alixe began shaking her head as Mara tried probing into her mind, looking as though she was clearing away cobwebs but she figured the woman could feel her poking around. What she saw was surprising...dead Jedi, Younglings to be exact, and the anger that came from the sight, though she couldn't tell if Alixe was responsible for it. Killing children is as low an act as you could possibly get and Anakin...Vader, carried it out as though they were nothing but the Droid Insurgency. Alixe's voice echoed through Mara's mind as she saw the woman, much younger, in what she thought was a Republic uniform as she killed a Clone Trooper, feeling the burning anger the woman felt at those who had killed the Jedi. Seeing this made the Emperor's pupil remember, the woman looking for her was one of the Rebels. Age and the lack of hair made her not see it before and her eyes widened ever so slightly at the recognition.
"Been looking for you," Alixe said finally. "Think I owe you credits." Now that she knew who the woman was Mara wasn't about to waste any time and used her Force Corrupt ability to sway the old commando.
I'm only a soldier, a voice inside her head said, she realised this was something that was said to Alixe, likely just before he was killed. The line between the life I want to live and the life I'm expected to live... This she knew was Senator Organa. The results of trying to sway Alixe were unexpected. Spice helps ease the pain. Somehow she was able to block her attempts to corrupt the woman's mind. The referrence to spice made her wonder if it was the alcohol for a second, but the more likely answer was that Alixe conciously or self conciously threw up thoughts of her past as some type of barrier so that Mara couldn't do anything to her. Her gaze went to the other bar patrons, but the woman saw what she was planning.
"Do not even think of thinking about it," she warned, smashing the bottle against the counter. In response Mara reached for and activated her lightsaber, the red blade lighting up as she brought it in an upwards arc against her opponant. Alixe managed to step out of it's way and shoved the bottle at Mara's torso, but came up short. The Sith swung the blade down but Alixe grabbed her wrist with her free hand, dropped the bottle and pushed up, trying to bring it around to her back. Mara tried to pull free when Alixe pulled with her, yanking down before recieving a kick to the gut. She staggered back against the bar as Mara charged in, swinging the lightsaber just past her head. Stepping back before Alixe could retalliate Mara threw her lightsaber, using the distraction to Force Corrupt the bar patrons. Alixe charged, dodging the deadly blade and running like a bull at her foe, her head lifting up at the last second to strike underneath the chin. But the commando knew she had a lot more to worry about and had no idea how she was going to get out of this. Killing was out of the question for her. She was distracted by a laser blast and looked to see that her shuttle pilot had ignored her and followed, she must have been waiting in case she was needed. Again Mara used the distraction to her advantage, retrieving her lightsaber and force jumping to the balcony. Alixe was torn between going after her or, seeing the man that was shot, going after the pilot.
"Alixe, c'mon." She began firing on the crowd that advanced on her when Alixe screamed at her.
"No! No dammit! Shoot the woman!" She decided it was best to go after Mara with the shuttle. "Jan, the woman!" Jan Ors joined Alixe in running out.
"Take it you found her then." When there was no reply she added, "Not like sniping at Tarkin." Alixe wasn't in the mood to hear it.
"Just get the shuttle in the air. We will track her that way." Mara watched the two Rebels retreat, recognising the other one as Jan Ors She figured they would try and escape the planet, or maybe come after her with reinforcements.
"Well a call to the Empire will put a stop to that."
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