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In the Analysis Room, CSI asked the Droid: "Droid, please run an analysis on two crystals, 'Heart of the Guardian' and 'Mantle of the Force'."

After a small hum, the droid came back to life: "[Query] Checking usernames...passed...Password...passed...Processin g request...No results."

"Wait, something is definitely wrong--there is no such thing of Heart of the Guardian or Mantle of the Force? Strange...they're in my Archives."

Then he stood up and turned to Aurora and Arion: "I'll tell you my past, later. But now I have to find my padawan, since I'm a Jedi Initiate Training Master. Hope she doesn't mess everything up. For books, you can check them, since you already them in my archive."

Then CSI walked out of the Archive.

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